Jeffrey Dahmer: Unraveling the Mind of a notorious Killa

A photo of Jeffrey Dahmer

In the annals of criminal history, there are few figures as infamous and chilling as Jeffrey Dahmer. Known as the “Milwaukee Cannibal,” Dahmer’s name became synonymous with unspeakable horror and incomprehensible acts of violence. His crimes shocked the world, leaving a trail of devastation and prompting society to grapple with the darkest recesses of the … Read more

Top 5 Scholarships for Ghanaians to Study Abroad

Scholarships for Ghanaians

Studying abroad is a dream for many students, and scholarships can make this dream a reality. For Ghanaians looking to further their education overseas, there are numerous scholarships available. Here are five top scholarships that Ghanaians can apply for to study abroad. 1. Bristol University Think Big Scholarships Bristol University offers the Think Big Scholarships … Read more

How to Use Social Media for Professional Networking

Welcome to today’s blog post on how to effectively use social media for professional networking. In this digital age, social media platforms have become powerful tools for building connections, showcasing your skills, and finding career opportunities. Whether you are a graduate student or a seasoned professional, harnessing the potential of social media can be a … Read more

Five Essential Items for Securing an MS or PhD Scholarship this Fall

MS or PhD scholarship

As the fall season approaches, many aspiring students are preparing to apply for MS or PhD scholarships to further their academic pursuits. Securing a scholarship requires careful planning and preparation, and having the right set of documents can greatly enhance your chances of success. In this blog post, we will discuss five essential items that … Read more

How to Write a Strong Letter of Motivation for a Graduate Position

strong letter of motivation

As the 2023/2024 admission window approaches, professors and principal investigators (PIs) will advertise graduate positions on LinkedIn and Twitter. To maximize your chances of securing one of these positions, you need a strong letter of motivation. In this blog post, we will outline the key steps to crafting a compelling letter that showcases your genuine … Read more